Will the image quality of the A65 considerably improve...

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Re: Will the image quality of the A65 considerably improve...

bobbidog wrote:

... when mounting a better lens?

I just had the opportunity to purchase an A65 for a really good price.
But clearly the kit lens (although the 18-55 II) was part of the package.

Now i ordered the Sony 16-50 f/2.8 and really do hope that this lens
will help to improve the image quality. I do shoot RAW exclusively, was
assured to buy the A65 not least because of the dpr-statement "rewarded
with results that are close to what we've seen from high-end full-frame cameras
such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Sony's own Alpha 900."

Up to now (with the kit lens) i am rather disappointed in terms of IQ produced
by the A65. Details look mushy and flat, sharpness is far from being impressive.

Can anybody brighten up my mind by telling me that the A65's IQ will improve
when using the Sony 16-50 f/2.8 lens?

Thank you very much for any kind of help.

I gave you a rather bland answer earlier in this thread, but to explain a little further, the 18-55 MkI kit lens on my A57 does not I feel do justice to the camera. It may be that I have a flawed copy, though I think not, but after an OK performance at 18mm it gets softer and softer, especially at the edges and corners (and it's slightly decentred) However, this is most noticeable at 100% of course.

At present I use a Sony 35mm F1.8 prime and a Sigma 18-50mm zoom at this end of the range. Both are a) sharper and more consistent than the 18-55, and b) the Sigma has to my subjective eyes much better colour. The only lens I've tried that was worse than the 18-55 kit was the old 18-70mm kit from an A200. I should say the differences show up on the 10MP A200 as well at 100%, but I do use the 18-55 kit lens with this camera and in the summer it took some good travel shots.

So are you likely to see a significant improvement with the 16-50mm? I'd be very surprised if you didn't. The 18-55mm MkII doesn't seem to be better optically than the MkI from the reviews I've read. Of course you might have a poor copy, so the difference will then be huge when you see the 16-50!

Why don't you upload some mushy shots and let's have a look?

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