Offering services to (making money out of) new competetion

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Offering services to (making money out of) new competetion

Pro photographers often carp and complain about newcomers to photography impinging on "their" business. However, it's a free market, so the newcomers have every right to impinge on whatever they want and wherever they want.

To the pro's, I say, it's not YOUR business until you secure it. Up to that point, it's ANYONE'S business.

The established pro photographers erroneously think that they have more right to that business than the newcomer which is totally wrong in a free market.

You don't have a God-given right to business it just because you set up before the newcomer. If that were true, each region would have only one photographer, the one who got in there first.

Put the boot on the other foot and it's not a lot different to a newcomer complaining about those who are established being in their way and wrecking their chances of securing custom and growing their business. Oh the temerity I hear you say, but why is that any different? ALL pro's started as newcomers so why should they look down their noses at the newcomers of today?

So we have this tension between newcomers and established photographers. What can be done about it?

The UK photographer in the link that follows, as well as making money from his own photography, actually makes money out of newcomers by offering them courses in photography and editing along with hiring his studio's and gear out to them. He even provides them with an experienced model...

Perhaps he see's the inevitable demise in the industry that others see, but is making the most of it while he can, I mean, he's actually training his competition to be in competition with him and making HARD CASH out of them.

He doesn't seem worried at all about competition, which makes me wonder if he's not out to make a killing out of the newcomers before moving into something else once he's assisted in the inevitable saturation the market.

The point is, that at the present, he's doing very well by EMBRACING and making MONEY out the newcomers rather than COMPLAINING about them. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

How novel eh? If you can't beat 'em, embrace 'em.

Perhaps this is a direction that some on here might consider. Have a good hunt around on the above website and see how Andy Harris is branching out in all directions in order to have more irons in the fire. If you're in the US, drop him a line and have a chat with him. I'm sure he won't be worried about YOU as competition when he's embracing the competition on his DOORSTEP

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