Best superzoom but blind in all but full daylight

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Blisset New Member • Posts: 24
Best superzoom but blind in all but full daylight

It's the best superzoom camera, but you can use it in full daylight only.

It has a very poor F6.5 at full zoom, I hope Canon do much better in next model, because if you want use it in evening it's blind in videos and photos without flash.

The bad F6.5 aperture cause diffraction limit so the real resolution is 1,7 megapixels.

Another bad thing is it has very slow autofocus (it takes about 3 seconds to focus!) and it's not accurate, but the worse is the camera always loose focus and refocusing and most of time videos are not on focus. It's very annoying and frustrating. The only solution to this is to select Manual Focus but you must to deselect this mode when subject moves. Very very annoying!

Camera was almost good if it had a mode to quickly lock focus and a button to refocus when you want, but this mode don't exist in videos. You have to swap from AF to MF mode and viceversa and it takes time and autofocus is very slow.

Advices to Canon for next superzoom model.

1) Very better autofocus, faster and accurate, Dual Pixel AF should be very good!

2) Almost F5.6 at full zoom minimum so you have a real resolution of >2+ megapixels.

3) a focus mode to lock/unlock quicky focus, specially for videos.

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