GX100 color failure?

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It's not batteries

rhlounsbury wrote:

My GX100 may have finally given up the ghost after 6+ years. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms and has discovered a miracle cure...

A little while ago the camera started adding a vibrant (bilious?) green cast in areas of images where colors or density transitioned... light to shadow. Further testing indicates that blue in the scene translates to maxed-out green. Light greens in the scene (little/no blue in them) translate to beige.

The green does not appear in the live image on the LCD (even with a half-press of the shutter button), but it does appear in the live image in the EVF. Once the picture is taken, the green is recorded for all posterity in the image file.

I tried removing the EVF; changing the memory card; changing the battery; updating the (ancient) firmware to 1.51; setting white balance manually with a grey card... All to no avail.

Possible cause or mere coincidence: just before the problem began, my original Ricoh batteries had given up on the idea of holding a charge, so I purchased a couple of 3rd party replacements (BTR-CGAS005-J, advertised specifically for the GX100). I do not have enough evidence to lay this at the doorstep of the new batteries... but perhaps a caution for others?

I fear that some internal microcircuit has gone kaput and the camera is done for. Any counsel to the contrary will be welcomed. Thanks!


But just in case, please post a sample image so I can look further into it. I'm shooting with a GX100 all the time right now.

Likely, the sensor is giving up the ghost or the processor is having issues. Good thing is that GX100's are a good price these days :).


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