Fujifilm XF 27 f/2.8 Lenstip Review

Started Oct 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fujifilm XF 27 f/2.8 Lenstip Review

DJF77 wrote:

I think you'll find its an F2.8 lens, unless you are talking depth of field equivalence and not exposure. In which case you should probably state what format you are comparing it to and what aspect.

He is not talking about full frame equivalence (it would be equivalent to f/4.2, not to f/3.5 then). Rather, the review mentions that the lens is fully useful starting f/3.5. If you like ff equivalence, that would be equivalent to f/5.25 lens. Any el cheapo del crapo ff lens in 40-50 mm range is fully useful at that aperture.

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