How should I get the shadow details from X-S1 RAF files?

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Re: How should I get the shadow details from X-S1 RAF files?

With RawTherapee I was able to get this: (Please view original sizes to see differences between the two)

Heavy noise reduction

If I modify either the black level/impulse noise reduction/noise reduction I can get this:

Noise reduction reduced.

I am using RawTherapee (GIT build 2349.ad6018beeb46-1), however any recent version of RawTherapee should work fine.

Here is the side card file if you want to work off of what I was able to do: DSCF1953.RAF.pp3. Click the download link on Pastebin, name the file DSCF1953.RAF.pp3 and save it where the .RAF file is.

So if you play the settings which I changed for the second picture you should be able to fine a balance between noise and stars. I'm always amazed by how well RawTherapee's noise reduction actually works, if you disable noise reduction (or look at the picture below 100%, noise reduction is only applied when the picture is viewed at 100% or greater) the picture looks entirely different!

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