Ready to buy a D610 or D800 - Help me decide which fits best

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Ready to buy a D610 or D800 - Help me decide which fits best

I posted some of these questions a while ago, but after doing a bit more research and looking at a lot of the pics I was able to get with rented D600 and rented D800, I have a few more questions and (I think) close to a decision. I have a D300 and no high end lenses. Right now I shoot about 75% street photography, 20% landscapes/nature and the rest night time photography. However I want to do more landscape shots down the line and this percentage will only increase. Also want to start doing portraiture. Low light performance is a big selling point for me.

Updates since last time:
-Not worried about dust, etc. issues with the new D610. I can't imagine they could let this slip by again.
-After looking through most of my D800 pics, I noticed about 70%+ of the pics were out of focus when using either a 14-24mm or 50mm 1.4 lens. Quite a bit of camera shake (I think). As I do mostly walk around pics, this would be quite an issue. I could improve my technique. This issue is the single biggest factor that has made me look more at the D610 as the wise choice.
-Price difference is not an issue w/ D800 as I would get a refurbished unit for only ~$400 more.
-Whenever I think about the step back with the 39-point AF of the D610, I immediately want a D800.

Updated are the attributes of each camera that would help or hurt me.

D610 PRO:
-Faster post-processing due to file size. (But my PC is 'beefy' enough to handle either camera.)
-A better walk around camera?
-U1/U2 settings

D610 CONS:
-Not as ruggedly built as the D800.
-Poor Auto Focus capability compared to D800. HUGE problem. I'm taking a BIG step back coming from 51-point AF from my D300.
-Smaller RAW files for landscape work.

D800 PRO:
-Better Auto Focus. I do take pics of moving subjects. Often not dead center of the frame.
-Larger RAW files for Landscape work. (But, I might only print BIG, BIG-larger than 13x19"-perhaps 6 times a year).
-Higher dynamic range (I think) vs. D600?
-Higher build quality/weather sealing. (Last year I was under a waterfall in Iceland, so this is important for me.)
-Better low light capabilities than D600?
-If I can master it and improve my technique/discipline I would get a lot more mileage out of the D800.

D800 CONS:
-More expensive accessories. Extended warranty, wireless remote, etc.
-No U1/U2 settings. PITA to switch.

My heart wants a D800, but my head says D610.  Thoughts?

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