Can't edit or properly save HDR image from photoshop. Is there a better way to work this image?

Started Oct 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
Thomas Niemann Veteran Member • Posts: 4,354
A few suggestions

First, the difference between an 8-bit TIFF and a 16-bit TIFF is granularity. That is, you have the same dynamic range, just more steps between pure white and pure black. But 32-bit TIFF files are different in that they have a much wider dynamic range.

When you do an HDR merge in Photoshop be sure to do a 32-bit merge. This will give you a 32-bit image that you can process further.

If you have CS6 and ACR 7.1 or later, or Photoshop CC, then you can process it in ACR after the merge. For CS6, save your image as a 32-bit TIFF file. In Bridge right-click and open it in ACR for further processing. For Photoshop CC you can specify, as part of the HDR merge, to do further toning in ACR. In this case it will invoke ACR as a filter directly within Photoshop and there's no need to create a 32-bit TIFF.

Either way, you have all the controls for controlling image quality on the 32-bit image within ACR before converting it to 8 or 16 bits.

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