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Re: You are confused, you mean the Tea Party

rwbaron wrote:

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sensibill wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

Yep, the Tea Party have made quite a name for themselves and are now considered the dumbest people in government.

There's a lot of competition for that title......

SO VERY TRUE. Palin, Bachmann, Dubya, Perry, Cain, Akin, hell - you name it. It's a cast of thousands. Listing them off would take forever, like the endless parade of clowns out of the little car at the circus.

They won't even listen to the private sector anymore...


Yes. The smartest people would define stupidity, by how little a politician is influenced by a part of the the private business sector, and how the media reports on it.

The best educated states are overwhelmingly Democrat. The poorest and least educated overwhelmingly Republican. Oldest and least educated Americans are most likely to be Conservative. Is this a pattern emerging..? HMM.

Overall, the best educated individuals tend to vote Democrat...

...and the least educated individuals also tend to vote Democrat:

I might have agreed with your last statement 25 years ago but today I believe the Republicans have the least educated voter market cornered. Most people I speak with about politics that vote Republican demonstrate quite clearly that they have no interest in understanding the facts and vote only with their heart, by habit or by preconceived notions. Certainly many Democrats do the same but the Dem's I discuss politics with are much better informed on the issues and are less "me" and much more "we" in their views meaning what's not best for me but for the country.

I now see the Republican voter as me, myself and I.


Hi Bob.

I agree with the data that, as a whole, more educated folks tend to be  democrat.

I was specifically referring to the folks who are not high school graduates, who are also predominately democrat. I've not seen convincing data to the contrary.

I doubt if the Democrats that you refer to as being better informed, are mostly high school drop outs:

Obama Voters Underdstand the issues.

Howard Stern Interviews 2012 voters

Obama Supporters Don't support Obama's Policies when told they are Romney's Policies.

DC Obama Supporters

In all fairness, there are plenty of Republican's who are ill informed.

Romney Supporter speaks from her chest....err heart.

Voters at Romney Rally

And then there's the independent voter:

An Independent votes Republican

But for someone to blanket state that either Democrat or Republican voters are better informed  or educated is overly simplistic propaganda, and as such, deserves a dissenting comment.


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