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BartjeVanIlse wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Another reply in this thread has someone saying that in their opinion the 19mm Sigma is sharper.... no kidding.

That someone might be me?

I have the sigma 19mm and the sel1670z, so I can compare. From corner to corner, the sigma is sharper. I had the same WOW!-feeling with both lenses when I used them for the first time. I love the 1670 VERY MUCH! It will probably become my always-on lens (actually, it already is). Together with the samynag fisheye, the sel35f18, raynox250 and the 55210, my gear is a very compact and complete. It all fits in a thinktank turnstyle 5 (but it is a squeeze...).

Eventually, I may even leave the sel35 at home, because I find the low-light performance of the zeiss on my nex6 very pleasing. Thank you very effectieve OSS. One lens less in the bag!

In december I'm going to Swedish Lapland to hopefully see the northern light. We'll see how it performs, but I'm very confident

  I wasn't criticizing your comparison to the 19mm to get a point of reference but if someone expects the 16-70 to equal the 19mm's performance that would be a mistake in my opinion (and I'm not saying you expected that).  I believe that almost everyone that has appropriate expectations for this lens will be happy and almost everyone with unrealistic expectations will be unhappy.  So far that seems to be what we are seeing.  I hope you continue to enjoy the lens!

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