A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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1/23? It is almost 1/4 the size of a FF sensor. So all tjings being equal, the FF sensor gives you a clearly better image. A small body, mch smaller than a DSLR FF is possible of course. But smaller lenses not. So I wonder what the incentive is really. To my mind, the best argument would be:

- smaller body,
- smaller lenses
- similar IQ.

What m43 has currently with APS-c DSLRs (to my mind of course). But we'll see. Always nice to see somehting new and a mirrorless cam with such a large sensor is very welcome regardless!

I actually wrote 1/23, haha! You are correct.

Things will rationalize in the next couple of years. M43 is ideal for most people who want smaller size, portability yet decent images and interchangeable lenses. Not for most pros except as second cameras. Sony is in a partnership with Olympus, and may have secretly agreed to drop the small NEX square APS-C bodies so Olympus can thrive with their successful m43 program. Instead according to my new conspiracy theory of to-day, Sony has shifted over to APS-C and FF larger bodies.

In exchange for supplying all the sensors in Olympus camera line?? Wonder what the tradeoff is at the bottom line. And Olympus making E mount lenses to support the Sony dual E mount line form factors?? Line of lenses to expect from the cooperation: Sony, Sony G, Olympus whatever, Sony Zeiss. Then there are Zeiss and Sigma.

And the RX series with 1 inch sensors are fixed lens affairs, smaller body sizes than Oly products, so outside of the rules of conspiracy?


Hope they make money to sustain the collaboration. Both have lots of good things to offer.

I was only guessing. Sony makes sensors for lots of other companies. But why not for Panasonic? (GH3 excepted.) Are they trying to force Panasonic out of the camera business?

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