A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

joger wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

I bought my first X700 in 1991 (to replace an almost identical, stolen XG-M bought in 1985) and liked both the camera and the styling very much at the time (and would have liked a Nikon F3 even more), however it seems a bit sad that 22 (or 28) years later we have to stop looking to the future and start looking at the past. Why did people suddenly start getting so fearful of the future?

how does the outline design of the camera body relate to your photography possibilities?

Good question

I would say because the exterior design of a camera expresses the design concept of the whole camera

Please see the following link which illustrates this rather well:


Therefore when there is a major change in exterior design it suggests that the 'internals' or at least the way they are implemented have changed significantly as well (yes, I'm an engineer and I know they all come from the standard parts bin, but I'm talking 'holistically' if you will excuse my pretention)

Who cares if there is a know or a button her and there as long as the images that come out are fantastic?

I never liked the NEX design

That's the difference between us.  I liked the NEX-5 straight off and was very happy with it as a 'travel-friendly' alternative to my hulking DSLR, and I loved all the high-tech JPEG processing toys that came with it (HDR, HHHT, picture effects etc etc)

This new camera appears to be a far more standard affair.  I understand its appeal (and part of me likes it as well) but it is sad to lose the unique 'NEX' qualities

but I would have accepted it if there were a FF sensor in it with >> 30 Mpixel - if fact I couldn't be less influenced by the outside look of a camera - yet I have to say that I really like my Plaubel:

that's a masterpiece in design - form follow function

but I understand that the smaller is better faction is now very unhappy - but a bit bigger is always good IMHO

That's where we really have to diverge.  I'm sick of 'big' 

I would say that the Plaubel even looks more futuristic then any NEX ever

Are, now that's were we might well agree

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