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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

raulbe wrote:

I can't believe the negativity. Are folks actually managing to overlook the revolution this brings to mirrorless cameras. The Mirrorless USP has been size and compromise on sensor size, and undeniably everyone's been pining for a full frame with the same size advantages.

The options now are either $7000 Leica or DSLRs. There was zero choice for the normal consumer and now we possibly have a fullframe mirrorless for less than $2000 and people are unhappy? Its as if folks are intentionally looking for flaws to highlight.

Can anyone possibly do market research and get a feel for customer needs with all this negativity around. It often looks like once consumers invest in their systems they want zero improvement untill they buy a new one, and spend the rest of the time running down everything.

This is not to say that everyone should rave but put in the context of the first interchangeable fullframe mirrorless, the bitterness about things like IBIS - a luxury when we don't have a single fullframe mirrorless choice yet with IBIS and which would most likely change the size of the camera - without the context of what Sony is offering here is inexplicable.

And you can take a fantastic picture with an iPhone, which is besides the point isn't it? Why discuss gear at all then. The art is always subjective and hardly a candidate for discussion and debate, its always the technical capabilities that are discussed in the full knowledge that 'good' photography does not depend on it and pros and amateurs will have different mileage. There is nothing sacrilegious about discussing the tools, and these discussions presupposes the subjectivity of photography so pointless reminders in very gear thread always look gratuitous.

I'm glad you like the concept, and you are clearly interested in 'mirrorless cameras' but please remember most of the people here are NEX owners

NEX was a very distinct camera - a furturistic design which made a clean break from the DSLR concept and instead looked to the future, combining the best sensors from the older DSLR models with the processing capabilities of the best P&S models

Now we have finally have a photo (a few minutes ago) on SAR of this camera it is very clear that Sony have abandoned the NEX concept and are going for a 'Retro' camera which looks like a cross between a Minolta X700 and a Nikon F3. That abandonment of concept is not a question of 'looks' but a question of functionality: (fake) pentaprism humps do not fit into pockets or small cases as well as rangefinder 'boxes' do, and a DSLR is much less discrete than a rangefinder and so will be more noticeable (in a bad way) for street and concert/event photography. The rear eyepiece will probably interfere to some extent with the tilting LCD display that many of us have been angling upwards when we shoot our NEX bodies from waist level (the most stable and comfortable position for this design) and it goes on...

So we've lost our NEX models, and what do we get instead? A smaller, cheaper A99 (without IBIS). Yes, understandably very appealing to many people, but I already have an A900 and I wanted more NEX cameras

Even worse, the idea of a 'fake' pentaprism which is just there for there for the camera to 'pretend' to be something it isn't goes totally against the utilitiarian design philosophy that the NEX bodies had and seems to indicate that Sony have given-up on the concept and will focus on making similar bodies to this and the A3000 in future instead

I bought my first X700 in 1991 (to replace an almost identical, stolen XG-M bought in 1985) and liked both the camera and the styling very much at the time (and would have liked a Nikon F3 even more), however it seems a bit sad that 22 (or 28) years later we have to stop looking to the future and start looking at the past. Why did people suddenly start getting so fearful of the future?

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