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parallaxproblem wrote:

joger wrote:

actually I could't care less about the camera design - my it be this way or another way - I am searching for a high res sensor that's attachable to my Canon lenses - and that's exactly what the A7R seems to be.

Hope this is the camera for you. I can't afford one at the moment, but it is interesting

I have other things  on my gadget list currently s well - was not prepared for a FF sensor with more then 3x Mpixel for my existing Canon lens lineup - I am pretty disappointed by all the cameras since the 5D II - thus I planned on waiting much much longer for something acceptable worth spending a few k USD / EUR

Can't stop myself from commenting on your list of 'wants' however

I hope it has not:

• articulating screen

• built in flash

Personally can't agree on either of these point:

Articulating screen is very useful for getting low and high angle shots which are very difficult if you only have a VF. Why restrict your creativity by excluding these things?

easy answer - I want that functionality by WiFi and a real high res screen on a tablet - I'd never like stand in a row of journalists being forced to use the camera with the screen pointed downwards or so - in fact I'd spend more thoughts on getting a spot without "competition" in a more relaxed environment - I am no offending concert over the head hold filmed - I hate that - I really do!

For relaxed architecture photography I prefer having a fully flexible screen (aka tablet) with a several yards remote control possibility to really step back and not to be blocked by a angle in the casing of the camera - so I won't use it anyhow.

I would take it further and say that I hope this camera has a touchscreen and supports touch-to-focus (or touch-to-magnify if you are using MF) which is the standout best feature on the recent NEX-5 series models. I really don't understand why this feature was left off of the NEX-6 and for me it makes the NEX-5R/T a more desirable camera than the NEX-6. I have a pro photographer friend who is very jealous of this feature and wishes he had it on his D800

It needs built-in-flash IMO and I hope that this one supports Sony/Minolta remote flash triggering. My A900 lacks built-in flash which meant that triggering my remote flashes required I spent an extra hundred dollars on that cumbersome HVL20 thingy and then cart it around to act as a flash trigger. The A900 was panned at the time for this exclusion, even though it was probably because Minolta previously got unfairly panned for including it on their Dynax 9 film camera a few years previously (built-in flash wasn't considered 'pro' until Canon started doing it!)

I never use a flash and I have never seen a really appealing image with a built in flash - yet I have seen gorgeous studio setups where the use of multiple studio lights did the job quite well.

If I had to use an artificial light source I''d rather want to rent a studio or have on site pro flashes with a magnitude more light to be in real control over the situation - built in flashs are IMHO crap and that applies even for the high end system flash solutions - the images just don't look natural and they lack of the perfection I'd like to see - I rather enjoy available light photography and thus I'd invest more in fast primes instead of any flash

I hope it get's:

• GPS and WiFi

GPS I personally don't care about - in fact the privacy aspects concern me - though I can understand it would be useful for a Pro or somebody taking a lot of outdoor pics in different locations. WiFi might be useful for remote control apps and an attempt at tethering but I find it a bit meh for this sort of camera (don't need a small camera for tethering and don't like the idea of leaving an expensive camera a few feet from where I'm standing outdoors) - for pure image transfer a USB cable or card reader will offer superior transfer rate and a more secure transfer than WiFi

both are must haves IMHO - easier to track the location and WiFi for tethering - the real freedom for photographers! Look here (pure poetry in my eyes - I am a former large format photographer as well)

• and outstanding 3x Mpixel sensor

• a good 3rd party adapter with full operation for the aperture for my EF lenses

This is less certain. The aperture control seems sorted but Sony need to open-up a bit to third party suppliers concerning their AF protocols and AF processing behaviour for that to be good. Also the battery life might be an issue... a smaller camera will have a smaller battery which might not be able to power the AF motors as long or as strongly as a larger power unit in a bigger camera might

Aperture is enough - really - I don't need ans kind of AF functionality in a high res camera - I might be tempted to buy a fast low res affordable Canon for that kind of photography but I am pretty happy with what I do with my 5D II right now - see here  I don't need much more then that - it is near to perfection for me

everything else is just negligibly from my point of view.

It will be for sure:

• lighter then my 5D II

• a better sensor then my 5D II

• more DR and resolution

• cheaper then a Canon's possible offer in this area

What else do I need to know?

The sensor will probably be better than Canon's overall, and the body will be lighter. AF performance, high-ISO noise and handling may not be so good as your current camera, however

If you want to do PP then you may need to wait for your software to support the new camera, or even buy a new version (Capture One - grrrrr). Sony cameras don't get the 'instant support' in this respect that Canon and Nikon ones do

Lightroom will support it in the next revision or the revision after - still in the maintenance of the current version- btw the lens correction and utterly crazy combination for Canon lenses plus an imagined A7R can be self adapted with self made profiles for LR - what a nice outlook - really!!

I might be tempted to subscribe the photographers edition  from Adobe - LightRoom is a joy to use and the print quality is nothing short but stunning - I have yet to see any better printing engine then the one built into LR5 I normally print rather big

Well let the party start next Tuesday 15th - then we wait a bit until the 3rd party adapters seem to work properly and then I'll give it a try.

Waiting is always a good idea... let the 'pre-order' crowd find the bugs

yes - and in the meantime while my budget fills again Canon has a chance to do something similar

My 300 f/2.8 L IS USM II and my TS-E 17 and TS-E 90 can't wait to put their light on a sensor Canon obviously won't do any time soon - AF is almost irrelevant for me - if it would work - I would use it of course but normally I can live with MF as well.

I work with life view most of the time and with 10x magnification plus MF from tripod - so good ISO 100 performance is fine for me - make is nice enough at ISO 3200 and I am happy as can be

just my 2CT

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