A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

travelinbri_74 wrote:

Tough crowd. Personally I am looking for a capable, small, weatherproofed, FF camera. I do think the OM-D is beautiful but regardless of looks I am more interested in what's under this camera's good, how big the lenses are, and how they perform together. Hoping this is the system built for me...

There are 2 Ol;ympus OMD cameras now; the E-M5 and the new flagship camera the E-M1. Neither one is a Full Frame camera, not even an APS-C camera. They are M43 cameras with a sensor 1/23 the size of a F.F.

I was referring to the vaguely OMD like look of the new Sony

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