Ominous water leakage in E-5

Started Oct 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,644
to keep it 'weather-proof' ...

Messier Object wrote:

xtforest wrote:

Yeah it's all good now. When I took the lens off there were water dropets around the mount, so I wonder whether the lens seal has perished. It's my oldest HG lens, bought in 2006 so it's likely I guess. Surprisingly hot today!




glad you found the entry point.
I've often wondered how long those seals will last and whether it's better to leave the lens on the camera - avoiding wear as the lens is fitted/removed, or to take the lens off - avoiding prolonged compression of the seal.
I bought that lens in 2005 but it's not had much use for the past few year. I might try a controlled water seal test.


To keep these cameras weatherproof, the lens seals need to be regular checked and replaced. They grind up against the mount every time you mount the lens. Oly routinely replaces them if you send in your lens for a 'checkup'.

Kudos to Olympus for building lens seals that even sometimes last nearly a decade. But using one that old in anger is really pushing your luck.

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