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re: I hope it WILL HAVE all the goodies

joger wrote:

actually I could't care less about the camera design - my it be this way or another way - I am searching for a high res sensor that's attachable to my Canon lenses - and that's exactly what the A7R seems to be.

the exact opposite - what is shown on that sketch is worse than a yuckety yuck

I hope it has not:

• articulating screen

• built in flash

great hopes that it will have a fully articulated LCD, and tiltable built-in flash akin to that on my N7 !!

I hope it get's:

• GPS and WiFi

could not care less for both

• and outstanding 3x Mpixel sensor


• a good 3rd party adapter with full operation for the aperture for my EF lenses

  • agreed again, and yes it should provide full aperture control,
  • IS activation for EF lenses;
  • allow the lenses to operate wide open upon focusing and stop down to a preset aperture only on full-press;
  • and provide at least as many AF options as the current Conurus mark II smart adapter (or their speed booster, as the FW is the same in both);

But above all that:

  • it will have a greatly improved controls, with plethora of external wheels and buttons, minimizing or even eliminating any need to dig into menus;
  • but should there be any menus left that they'll be at least as good as on top of the line EOSes;
  • and finally that the OSPDF be at least as quick and acurrate as e.g. that on the new EOS 70d; (pretty unlikely, though, as SAR has that it is not even as good ast the best of other mirrorless - which aren't all that good anyway :P);


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