Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Dan Marchant Veteran Member • Posts: 3,046
It is a shopping mall not a photo taking mall.

They are a business. Their business is getting people in to buy stuff from the shops, not to have the place filled with people standing around taking photos. I know this may come as a surprise but the world isn't all about you. Nor is it all about photography.

It isn't that the mall doesn't want professional photographers clogging up the place it is that they don't want anyone clogging up the place (and getting in the way of the actual purpose of the place which is shopping/selling stuff). I think you will find that in addition to professional photographers they also don't allow street musicians with their guitars to hang around the place, or street artists to do chalk drawing on the floor, or people to sleep on the seats or basically anyone else who isn't there to shop (or at least looks as if they are).

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