Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

Dylan Johnson wrote:

Apparently I touched a nerve. My point being that taking picture of random children in the mall may not be illegal but its still not okay, and the tantrum you just had was pretty uncalled for as well. I was simply pointing out what security has to watch for, simple as that, and the example I used of a pedophile is the main reason they have to watch for these things.

I take it you're one of the people who sit in malls and take pictures of kids since you're pretty insistent on defending the people who do, which is really creepy if you ask me, but to each his own.

No nerves touched.  I'm simply tired of close-minded people like you who insist on thinking something as innocent as taking a picture of a child into something sinister and ugly.  You folks have warped minds, the lot of you.

And no, I've never sat in a mall taking pictures of children.  My interests lie elsewhere.  But when I see someone at the mall with a camera, I don't instantly think pedophile.  Talk about creepy. It feels like you're overcompensating for something, Dylan Johnson.

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