Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

Dylan Johnson wrote:

CaptiVision Photography wrote:

As a photographer AND security guard, I have some answers for you.

First as people mentioned, photography gear can be a hazard. Tripods, light stands, cords, etc can all just be an accident waiting to happen. That stuff isn't allowed for safety reasons unless for uses permited through a permit.

Secondly, as security, we are there to protect the property and patrons on the property. When security sees a camera, their first thought isn't photography, it's privacy and safety. That person could be taking pictures of children or They could also be staking out a store to rob.

Really? As a photographer you are falling for that tired old nag?

1: What is the harm in photographing children. Please be specific regarding exactly how a child is harmed by being photographed?

2: If a person is scoping a place out to burglarize, bomb or any other malicious act, wouldn't logic dictate that said person is going to attempt to be stealthy so as not to draw attention to themselves?

I can see a brain dead security guard who is too dumb to work at McDonalds falling for it, but a photographer?


Big cameras also have a tendency to make people uncomfortable, and a lot of times we have to tell them to stop because we get complaints from shoppers about it.

This is a logical reason.

So if you and your 6 year old daughter are out shopping and there's someone with a big camera following you around taking pictures of your daughter, you would be perfectly fine with that?

What you're describing is stalking and is illegal in most places in the US. What's been discussed here did not involve stalking. Simply taking pictures of random children in a mall does not constitute stalking.

Who knows where these pictures are ending up? You don't know if that person is a pediphile or not. That's why security has to take those precautions.

And there we go. Another twisted individual whose mind jumps directly into pedophilia. As I'm typing this, it occurs to me that I don't know if you, Dylan Johnson, are a pedophile. I just googled "Dylan Johnson pedophile" to make sure you're not and the first thing that popped up has me very concerned.

Go on, google it.

See how problematic that is? Now if I accept your logic about guys with cameras being a threat to children as fact, can't I also now be concerned about guys named Dylan Johnson? But wait... you're a guy with a camera named Dylan Johnson, aren't you? That's three red flags. Dylan Johnson... wait a sec... Johnson? JOHNSON??? Isnt that slang for?.... well, you know what's slang for. Did you change your name to that on purpose? I'm going to suppose you did. THAT'S FOUR RED FLAGS!!! And that means you're more dangerous than just any random guy with a camera at the mall.

Twisted logic, ain't it?

But maybe you're starting to see my point.

You're likely no more dangerous than the average person at the mall with or without a camera. And I don't think the fact that you own a camera makes you more dangerous. And if by chance you should one day find yourself at the mall with a camera in your hand, I don't think that increases the chance that you, Dylan Johnson, are a pedophile.

Folks need to stop perpetuating this stupid nonsense.

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