Fuji X20 vs Sony RX100

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Re: Fuji X20 vs Sony RX100

RX100 images seem 3D here.

lefkop wrote:

I going to chime in here too, I have an x10, x100, rx100, and xe-1 for cameras at this time. I am fan of the fuji and like the simple to use ergonomics, it just makes sense to me. Since getting the Rx100 I prefer to use it more because its more portable and pocketable. I would agree with mpresley that if your are going pixel peep, you would find the rx100 a better camera especially of you shoot raw. The Rx has a greater flexibility in terms of zoom range and methods of achieving it by simply decreasing the pixel count for 20 to 10 megapixels, your zoom improves. You can even push it further if you need to by using sony clear zoom feature, which is pretty nice. I like the camera and use a lot.

Ok now for the take on the x10, which is an excellent camera and also one I like to use. The jpeg engine of the x10 is great and the fuji colors are outstanding. I do like the idea of the manual control zoom and the on off from the lens barrel. I think the x10 focus speed is good, has great DR, and offers a wide range of shooting options. I do think the x10 may win on the indoor auto white balance setting allowing for mixed use of light and getting things done nicely without having to do too much pp. I also like film modes of the x10 and skin tones.

I you had to choose just one for a portable, I would go for the rx100 at this point. Based on size, image quality and flexibility, meaning great video, able to take full photos while doing video, extended zoom ranges, good DR, fast lens, good raw images. To get the most of out of the Sony, I think the raw workflow is the way to go. The Fuji is better for me in my mixed light indoor environment, plus its a faster lens while on the long end and it has a jpeg engine I like more.

Both are great cameras. Here are two simliar pics, one from the xe1 and the other rx100, Sorry my buddy was using my memory card from the x10 as he forgot his so this is the best I can provide for now.

Fuji X-E1 Jpeg

Sony Rx100

Just a little FYI, the sony image was a little underexposed to begin with. These were not shot nor meant to be used as side by side comparison with equal this and and that. The trail is very wet around here so I took a few snaps with the rx100 and then broke out the X-E1. Its just an example of two cameras shoot nearly the same scene. BTW I downsized the sony image to 70% JPEG prior to posting, the original has more color and sharpness. Anyway for a compact its really pretty good.

mpresley wrote:

I currently own both and would agree with what the general consensus states: the image quality of the RX100 is better but would point out that whether you notice the difference would depend on how you view you photos. If you pixel peep or view them on a large monitor/TX then I'd say you'd notice. If you downsize for web publication or viewing on a tablet size device, likely not. If you print I'd say not likely if it's not bigger than an 8x10.

The RX100 is not a low light camera in my estimation, but you can get some amazingly good results at ISO 1600 or higher, especially using one of it's multishot modes. I'm pretty new with the X20 so I haven't had time to really learn just how to get the best results from it yet.

If you like to be able to put the camera in a pouch of a laptop bag, for example, the RX100 is nice due to the lens fully retracting.

I did some unscientific comparisons of how the lens performs for sharpness and my results were that the X20 was considerably better at the edges.

I would finally say that for me (and seeminly most people who've had it or the X10), the X20 wins the handling and usability contest easily. The manual zoom is wonderful, having the EV dial is great and it's a very responsive camera.

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