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Re: What a shower

PaulChapman wrote:

Been practicing using my shiny new GX7/Voigtlander 25mm/f0.95 on the end of a pole and wifiing to a tablet....need more practice before a big trip in a couple of weeks time. Shower....yes...this is Mr Burke MP and his Norwich Union umbrella. The holes in his arms, face and torso were caused by the shrapnel from the bombing.

Wifiing to your tablet! Spare me days! I have enough trouble using the EVF and LCD!

I was in town today and the No.23 pulled up...this lot jumped in front of it and nearly got knocked down... The other photographer...great big hulk of an SLR being used upside down...elbow sticking out and shaking.. and all those heavy bags of lenses making him wish he had built in IBIS; still he must have been a professional so I learnt something. PS the upward folding GX7 EVF is quite nice to use and you can hold the camera close to your chest. GX7 blows the highlights though.

Nice use of the tilting screen. And, yes, the overloaded PRO -- LOL.

I havbe a bucket list -- things I will NEVER do again. High on that list is carry a big, heavy camera and outfit. NEVER again. Back in the day I used to have a camera bag about as big as half a coffin with two Mamiya C330 bodies (one for color, the other for b&w), a full suit of lenses, filters galore, a bl--dy great flash, a bazillion rolls of film … oh, and the Rollei for back-up in case something went wrong with one of the Mamiyas (it never did). And then tied on the outside was a tripod big enough to support a 10 tonne rated bridge … I won't go on, the memories are too painful!

and then the shower....not very clear this one but rounding the corner came a BSA and bath tub..

You Brits! We Australians have a view on Brits and washing. Now we know what happens to the baths, we can be more undertanding! Mind you, they used to have a bathtub derby across Sydney Harbor back in the day (couldn;t run it now, I suspect, because insurance on an event that never suffered a casualty would be too high).

And the verdict on the GX7 after a couple of weeks.... I'll be looking for another GF1 since it doesn't overexpose itself so much. GX7 has all the bells and whistles...but no soul.

Paul, can't you dial the exposure back a little in the menus? I mean, tweak the curve? It's funny, this -- I have had a couple of Panny travel cams, a TZ and now the FT4, and their color rendition and control of highlights was much better than my G1.

But I was able to adjust the G1 back a bit, and I imagine you should be able to do considerably more with the GX7.

Cheers, geoff

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