On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Re: On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

havoc315 wrote:

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havoc315 wrote:

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So, if the mirrorless AF system matches SLT AF performance, AND with elimination of mirror, improves high ISO performance, what exactly is it that you believe would be a step back?

Where are you getting that mirrorless AF system will match SLT AF performance?

SLR to SLT transition was that (which you deflected with the excuse on high ISO noise). I expect a similar SLT to mirror-less transition on A-mount. The question is, why would you prefer to assume otherwise?

It has nothing to do with my preference. It's simple science. Scientifically, a translucent mirror -- the whole point -- was to preserve dSLR dedicated pdaf. Scientifically, to date, there has still never been ospdaf that can match.

Science is precise. Science is non-science when it prefers to overlook gains from a technology and further improving it (which would be the ultimate goal with getting SLT like AF performance at the minimum, and no fixed or slapping mirror to deal with for AF/metering and maximize it to the sensor.

We won't know until products are actually out and tested, but according to the source cited in the first post -- Mirrorless AF system will NOT match SLT AF performance.

Then refrain from drawing conclusions, like you just did (again).

I'm not drawing unfounded conclusions. That's you. I was citing a published report.

What report?

So far, the best OSPDAF still doesn't quite match dedicated PDAF. Not in the Nikon 1 cameras, not in the Canon 70D. And according to the rumors, not in the Sony A7.

So? And there is no reason to believe that Sony will stick with the OSPDAF system you speak of, to replace the mirror.

You're right. The new camera will be made out of fairy dust.

Not really. But you sure have been relying on that... complete with the idea that current OS-PDAF is the future mirror-less AF system, and it can't be anything else. Why?

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