On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Re: On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Technological possibility and reality don't always meet, and that is my point. Nobody has suggested that f/2.8 lenses are not possible for E-mount, but the fact is, Sony is clearly favoring f/4 to keep size and weight down, which bodes well with a key selling point of the E-mount. The opposite is true for A-mount (a reason SLTs grew in size substantially, from A33/A55 to A65/A77).

Yes, but for anyone that doesn't mind the size, they can simply use their 2.8 A-mount lens on the E-mount camera, with an adapter. Thus, they don't need an A-mount camera to be able to use an A-mount lens.

So you actually believe that Sony would make A-mount lenses because it takes more resources to do so than would A-mount bodies which can share most parts with E-mount (except for the mount and firmware differences)?

Huh? The question was "the unique benefits" of a mirrorless a-mount. In other words, features that cannot exist for Sony dSLTs or for e-mounts. Use of 2.8 lenses is not unique to a mirrorless a-mount, since those same lenses can be used on dSLTs and also on e-mount bodies with adapters.

You're missing the point. What do you think is an issue for Sony to maintain two mounts? That it would prefer to sell only one mount, and no adapters between mounts? That it would prefer to make lenses for two mounts, but bodies only for one (on assumption that it would be more expensive to make A-mount bodies than to make A-mount lenses AND adapters with A-mount?)

I wasnt judging Sony production. Though, you are missing the real cost of producing 2 nearly identical mounts -- you lose profit when you compete with yourself. It would be more profitable to sell 200 e-mounts, than to sell 100 a-mounts and 100 e-mounts. (Because of increased marketing costs, inventory costs, production costs, etc, etc, etc).

And why do you think making A-mount lenses and EA adapters and selling only E-mount bodies would be more cost effective? And, are you sure Sony E-mount with even more air space than in A3000, for FF bodies would make more sense eventually because people do demand larger and heavier bodies?

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