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rogatsby wrote:

I've looked at quite a few images from the 1670PZ online, and they look fine. But would I pay $1000 for this lens? Probably not. That is because I can't find a really better solution than my current lens setup for my 5N, which is basically the Sigma 19, SEL35, SEL50, and very occasionally the 55-210.

I also have the 16-50pz, and I am not really seeing that much of an improvement with the 1670. The 1650PZ gets a lot of criticism, but used correctly, it seems to be a fine lens, and it has the advantage of being ultra small and light.

Personally, I am sticking more and more to prime lenses. the SEL35 and SEL50 have been superb for me. I use these lenses 90% of the time now, and when I need a wider lens for landscapes, I just use the Sigma 19, which costs basically 20% of what the 1670 costs, and is much sharper in my opinion.

I have been waiting for a nice all-around zoom lens like many people, but I have now learned to shoot mostly with prime lenses, and I love it.

The problem I have is, I haven't bought a single Sony E mount lens "new" that I didn't think is at least a little overpriced. So I have to weigh my personal bias regarding the price, vs what I really am expecting from this lens, because while I think Sony's Emount lenses are generally overpriced, I actually like them quite a bit.  So I guess I will just continue to pay the "Sony Tax".

Could also be that I am a skinflint...

The 35mm and the 20mm are each about $100 too expensive IMO, but, I like their IQ and they each offer (to me) something I can't get in the competitors. The 1018 should be $500 to $600 IMO, but it really has no real competition in this system, and I think that as a landscape lens it is very near perfect for the NEX system.

I like using prime lenses as well, and generally prefer their IQ and handling over zooms, but as a primarily "hiking - landscape" type of shooter, a zoom really offers much needed flexibility. I just am not willing to change lenses over and over again in order to get a shot in dusty and windy conditions. I have been satisfied to a degree with what the 1650 produces, but really its IQ is acceptable to me in large part because of its compact size. Comparing it to other kit zooms from other systems, it is subpar in IQ, as is the 1855, IMO. If the 1650 and the 1855 were the only Emount "normal" zooms were were ever going to see for the NEX, I would probably just switch to Fuji once they release their XF 10-24mm WA zoom. I am hoping my 1670Z performs as well as some people are claiming it can, so that I can rest easy.

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*Disclaimer: the above post is just my opinion. No offense was intended. Please don't freak out - I'm just some random dude on the internet.*

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