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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Michel J wrote:

sensibill wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

moimoi wrote:

How so?

Sony removed it from the RX1 to sell the RX1R, and sharpness from the RX1R is better.

If you were given an image taken with either RX1 or RX1R, chances are you might have equal chance of picking the right or wrong one. It has become more a marketing gimmick so it makes sense for everybody to flock to it. And overlook more useful attributes.

So then no innovation should ever be introduced to a camera as a new feature, lest it detract from more useful attributes?

I'm no fan of corporate advertising nonsense, but to call AA filter deletion as 'unhealthy' or that it causes people to overlook more useful (according to whom?) attributes is a little much.

Yes, and if the benefit expected it's only removing AA filter, it's easy sending to Macario in Germany, or Maxmax in USA, btw. But the question is why(?), with a sensor what outresolve any lens on the market (such as the A77, what achieve 3000 lp/mm) huh, that doesn't make sense... but anyone can do with an SLT! So what?

We have lenses which should easily outresolve a 24MP APS-C sensor. From 10MP to 14MP, then 16MP (with and without an AA filter) - and those little gems don't show any signs of reaching their limit. 24MP? A mere 22% linear resolution increase?

Besides, why sending your camera to Macario in Germany and pay to have the AA filter removed, when you can enable/disable the AA filter from the menu?



You are multiple? (joke)

50mm F/1,4 ?

or the CZ Octus, maybe...

What else?

And does that require removing inconsistent AA alike?

Huh! Come on.

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