I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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Re: I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

Roger99 wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

Raygun would be branded a communist and would be chased out of the repulitard party today. This is how stupid the republitard party has become.

I agree. A dysfunctional group of old white Christians and ignorant rednecks doing the bidding for the 1% thinking they can resurrect the America of the 50's and 60's.


I don't think it is anything to do with resurrecting America. I don't think they care about America at all except as a place to spend the petty cash. This is all just about keeping the 1% as the 1%. Any selling of American ideals is just about keeping the sheep baying in unison.

I don't disagree regarding the 1%.  It's the old white Christians and rednecks who think they're fighting for the America they once knew (or thought they knew) and that's part of how the 1% gets them to do their bidding.  Some see it as an effective strategy but I think it's backfiring and has the potential to fracture the Republican party into segments that will be less powerful and influential.  They'll keep a certain number of seats in the House through gerrymandered districts but will turn off Independents which ultimately will lose the majority position for them.  I believe the party elite and powerbrokers are deeply concerned about this.  They know they need a moderate position to stay in power.


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