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Re: Updated info from image resources.

Regarding K3 ability to adjust personal settings in-camera: give one a try and check back, or try any of the K5/KII/s', K50/500, K30, K7, K20, K10d etc., and see for yourself. JPEG in-cam setting are very very adjustable, including your own settings for noise reduction for most any ISO setting don't get me started

Michel J wrote:

I think the Pentax can be a serious competitor over Sony, for new comers in the DSLR gear. If and only if the camera is able to produce a very low level of noise in both stills, video and also s/n ratio about sound channels. Because you can control the recording level of separate channels MANUALY. What the A77 is unable to provide (only the A99 can do). It's a key point for broadcast applications (perhaps a detail that non-professionals not see right away).

And of course, the commercial success of this camera would be.achieved only with an high accuracy of the AF sensor design, and if the camera is able to produce tack sharp video in a friendly mode (what you can also achieve with Sony if you have required skills).

So... finally I have to change my idea - except to the fact that Pentax colours are mostly over saturated in-camera (usually colours are in-camera PProduced already, without any ability to adjust personal settings, is the worst point of this brand, but to be confirmed again, or not, if so) - it's seems to be a good camera, so time will tell...

Michel J
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