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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

Pentax still features the RAW button on their camera bodies, and the green button and hyper-program and ...

RichV wrote:

I think it's interesting on paper but a disappointment for those interested in using flash. I also disagree that it compares to full frame - on a slightly technical level, yes; but there's a quality of "space" in an image (that I think goes beyond pixel density, but is also related to it) that I always feel when comparing formats.

All that said, I do wish Sony would catch more of that spirit. I'm certainly interested in the variable WB concept, though I'd have to see it in action. I also like that Pentax was an early adopter of DNG output; the weathersealing; Pentax lenses in general; I feel it would be great if Pentax still has a "RAW" button on the body (I'm just remembering from years ago); Pentax also doesn't seem to have the (uniquely?) Sony problem with JPEGs and noise. There's lots more to appreciate with the K-3 (still on paper, I'll admit) - if I had no associations I'd be seriously interested in following the unfolding of this product (and I'm not closed to the idea of selling my A77 and using Sony for FF with a limited number of lenses, and the K-3 for APS-C if it turns out to be that good).

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