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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

I really liked the minolta line in days gone by. Sony has been pretty forward thinking too.

On the K3 the nav pad has been redesigned and can now move diagonal and other nifty functions.

The body size is slightly larger and taller than K5/II/s, with improved redesigned larger grip.

Thankfully, everybody makes good cameras, each with special goodies.

Cetonid wrote:

I like the weather sealed aspect, but here's what I could do without:

  • Small size, similar to A57
  • Lack of tilt screen (deal breaker for me)
  • 5 button navigation pad instead of Sony style joystick.

Of course, those are all personal preferences. Other than that, seems to be a very nice piece of kit.

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