Fujifilm XF 27 f/2.8 Lenstip Review

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Re: That's just lens tester BS

Absolutic wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

If I already have 35/1.4 what is the benefit of 27/2.8 besides the size advantage?

I know m43 has 20/1.7 and 25/1.4 discussion (one is significantly smaller and cheaper than the other while both are pretty bright wide open)

However can someone point any reason to buy a 2.8 $450 prime When my 35/1.4 cost me $400 used and an amazing lens that is sharp wide open, pretty light weight.

I am willing to listen. Other than smaller size any other advantages?

Because it gives a completely different field of view to the 35mm....

I know that's stating the obvious, but it's the main reason to buy a lens with a different focal length

If it's the price that's the main worry - just wait till you see one used at a price you like

May take a while though

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Oh u mean a difference between 40mm and 50mm effective length? I see.

I wouldn't be dismissive of such a difference, if that is what you intended.

I have shot quite a bit over the years with both 50mm and 40mm prime lenses. Although the FOV doesn't differ dramatically, it differs enough to commend itself to different types of shooting. The 50mm is narrow enough to imagine portraits of individuals and isolated objects.  The 40mm, on the other hand, lends itself more to vistas, groups, and shots of individuals in context. I have always been able to "see" 40mm shots better than 50mm shots. If I'm going to a party and want to grab some shots of people enjoying the gathering, I would reach for the 40mm before the 50mm almost every time.

If 40mm and 50mm are nothing more than numbers on a page to you, then it might seem absurd to own both.  If you have a history, on the other hand, with both focal lengths, you will have developed a sense for their differences, and might utilize each for different kinds of shots, or might simply prefer one over the other.

I own both the Fuji 27mm and 35mm. They are both impressive. Sometimes I choose one and sometimes the other, but one thing I never do is to think of them as essentially the same because the number 40 is close to 50.

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