Counterfeit lens caps from Amazon

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Re: If they are cheaper and work....

Diopter wrote:

carlk wrote:

rsn48 wrote:

If they are cheaper and work, who cares.

You will also knowingly buy stolen goods if they are cheaper and work? Isn't counterfeiting just the same as stealling?

The respect to the brand names, logos and other proprietary signs is functional.

From the point where a vendor is starting to abuse its own name to force overpriced products - the respect is starting to be dysfunctional and is naturally removed.

Again: If the " legitimate " Nikon lens caps would have honest, competitive price it would not be need for "counterfeit" products and we would not pay for the enforcement of the ill-conceived and poorly written laws.


It's not for you to decide.  You don't rob anyone whether you think he/she made the money honestly or not.  You don't seem to understand Nikon OWN the brand name you either pay to buy it or not but not steal it.

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