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Wrong conclusion IMHO

cjf2 wrote:

Thanks for your replies everyone. In summary it seems yes the 7D is noisy and you have to do a lot of work to get rid of it. I'm surprised it got such uncritical reviews after the heavy criticism of the 50D. Oh well I hope it keeps me going until the 7Dmk2 we're all waiting for.

No, I think you've come to the wrong conclusion if you think that the 7D is somehow unique in its need for NR.  Low ISO noise (ISO800 and under) is reasonable and pretty comparable to its predecessors.  In general, I only need to worry about it if I'm heavily cropping an image, at which point NR tools within LR seem to do the trick nicely and with minimal effort.  At 1600 and above, I believe the 7D actually does somewhat better than its predecessors in controlling noise -- quite a bit better than the 50D specifically IMHO.

It probably didn't get an "uncritical review" as you state because the amount of noise you see is well within what's normally expected (and certainly was at the time it was introduced).  Gradual inroads in NR are happening in APS-C, but I doubt you'll see dramatic differences generation to generation barring some major and unexpected change in sensor technology.

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