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Re: Hmmm.... these too :-)

"Really??? After ALL THIS TIME Pentax is FINALLY going to come out with its OWN 70-200 F2.8 Lens?!?!? Since I haven't been "in the loop" between about 1997 to 2011,"

Jeff I enjoy your writings and found this interesting. I was not in the loop until about 2008.

It seems that from the start Pentax was planning to be a APS sensor only company for the foreseeable future. No one can predict where the market is gong. But APS sensors were coming on strong. A FF lens on a APS body has the un-wanted effect of spreading light through out the light chamber and not perpendicular to the sensor. This is not ideal. You want lens designed specifically for APS sensors. Having lens for APS sensors only gives the best performance in the areas of image quality, size and cost. That is a fact of optics, sensors and cameras.

At the same time it allows older FF lens to perform better than if put on a newer digital body! Interesting situation but perfect for Pentax. Pentax was able to design a dSLR with an APS sensor to allow all of its millions of lens out in the world to have a second chance at life. That was one of its strongest selling benefits.

Why a FF lens design for film 20 years ago performs better on a APS sensor versus a FF sensor is another long topic and will start a hot debate. But in the majority of cases this is true. But not in all cases. Its mostly because older FF lens spread light out in a wide light pattern. Film liked that and did not care about the angle at which light hit it. It would absorb it perfect at any angle. Not so with digital sensors, its the opposite. But, a APS sensor only captures the middle portion of a FF lens light, letting it have higher performance than if mounted on a FF digital camera. Just look at reviews and this will be born out as true in the majority of tests.

Now your FF 70-200mm lens f/2.8. This is a classic in full frame land. Its a big, heavy, fast lens, with good IQ. But we already have a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens that has fantastic image quality, is fast, is weather resistant, is really of higher build quality than most 70-200mm lens on FF bodies. We have the DA*50-135mm. If you do the math that equals a 70-203mm or lets just say 70-200mm. Why do you think Pentax made that lens with a strange focal length of 50-135mm!

Ricoh/Pentax is now promoting its large APS only lens line up and how much larger it is than any other companies line up. Canon or Nikon don't have a 50-135mm lens. This would not let you move up to a FF.

Its why Pentax made the DA*16-50mm which is 24-75mm FF, the 50-135mm which is 70-200mm FF, the DA*200mm which is 300mm FF and the DA*300mm with is 450mm FF. Pentax users always had a broad high performing lens line up, from low cost to higher cost.

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