Fujifilm XF 27 f/2.8 Lenstip Review

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Re: Do you convert all crop sensor lenses to FF equivalent?

marike6 wrote:

uniball wrote:

Its an f3.5 lens, that can't focus reasonably close and costs $450.

So what? It's tiny and provides similar high IQ as the 35 f/1.4.

Do you always convert all X lenses to their FF DOF equivalent aperture? That must really take all the fun out of shooting crop sensor cameras.

The reviewer mentions it's price as a con.

Anyway, I was just posting a link to an outstanding review for an X mount lens review. Next time I'll keep it to myself.

Geez, No wonder I don't post on this forum more often. The negativity is palpable.

There is no FF equivalent of aperture. 2.8 is 2.8. Read the review and you'll understand my comment.

"At the maximum relative aperture the lens doesn’t provide useful images; in order to get them you have to stop it down to about f/3.5. In the range from f/5.6 to f/8.0 the image is already fully useful but far from its frame centre quality."

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