A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

Jorginho wrote:

1/23? It is almost 1/4 the size of a FF sensor. So all tjings being equal, the FF sensor gives you a clearly better image. A small body, mch smaller than a DSLR FF is possible of course. But smaller lenses not. So I wonder what the incentive is really. To my mind, the best argument would be:

- smaller body,
- smaller lenses
- similar IQ.

What m43 has currently with APS-c DSLRs (to my mind of course). But we'll see. Always nice to see somehting new and a mirrorless cam with such a large sensor is very welcome regardless!

My FF RF lenses are actually very small, including the adapter, and I can't wait to use them at 1x crop, as opposed to 2x crop on m43. Supposedly, they will work well.

Also, the Nex is similar to my old SLR in size, and the OM-D is already larger. If the EVF causes the FF Nex to be similar in size to the OM-D, then kudos to Sony. I do hope that the Sony has fewer buttons and a better grip though.

A 4x ratio is about two stops and that is a huge difference (noise, low light, DOF). If the price for that is larger lenses, then I'd happily comply...

I just hope that rumored prices are correct. It makes an OM-D camera seem very overpriced.

Plus, at 2x the size of the APS-C sensor, I can use my E lenses in crop mode (12Mp for 24Mp FF sensor). This sounds like a win to me - I lose resolution, but I may make up for this in lower noise, higher DR, 1.5x the FL and I can get OSS with that.

Lots of incentives in my mind.

I do hope that the EVF is tiltable (and removable?) - I am not very keen about the hump otherwise..

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