D600: Eye-Fi or Wu-1B ?1

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Re: D600: Eye-Fi or Wu-1B ?1

Get WU-1b wireless adapter if your primary objective is to wireless tether to your mobile device.

Get Eye-Fi if your primary objective is to transfer images wirelessly.

Personally, I rarely want to tether my camera and if I do, then its usually in a controlled environment where I can USB to my laptop.

What I do like to do, is to wireless transfer to my computer or mobile device either for the purpose of reviewing the image or emailing it on the go. I am happier doing this with Eye-Fi than with the WU-1b. For a start, Eye-Fi allows me to transfer direct to my computer (without the need to do a double hop via a mobile device) and secondly, it can be fitted and forgotten about.

Once the Eye-Fi card is installed, it acts as a normal SD card all of the time and doesn't stick out the side of the camera when you carry it around. I personally use it in the second SD card slot of my camera and have raw files write to SD-1 and jpeg copy to SD-2. SD-2 wirelessly transfers the image to wherever I like. This has to be a better (and cheaper) solution than the WU-1b (unless you are trying to tether).

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