A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

Rod McD wrote:

Checked SAR and saw the sketch. All rumor, and may or may not be true. We'll be wiser in a few days (if the announcement date rumor is true too).

I read through some of the comments that followed the sketch. I was left with the distinct impression that half the writers are more interested in what it looks like than what it does. And there I was thinking that people want FF in a highly portable package to take high grade photographs. They actually want photographic bling.

The concerns about the EVF are practical, not 'aesthetic' in most cases. In fact the criticism is that the EVF has been placed in that position to make it look like a DSLR (ie. 'Photographic bling'!), possibly at the expense of functionality

Much as I would prefer an RF design, I'll take the hump, if it meets that goal (and I can afford the Australian price....... )

It depends what your goal is. Remember that the pupose of NEX cameras was primarily to be small:

1. Do you want someting that fits into a small camera bag or into a pocket etc? A camera with big 'pentaprism-style' EVF takes-up more space overall (we are talking here about dimensions required for storage, not actual body volume) than a rangefinder type camera and will not fit into pockets or the small video cases like the ones which can be used with the current NEX models

2. Do you want to use the camera like many people use their current NEX, with it held at the waist and the LCD tilted upwards? If that drawing is accurate then the eyepiece of the VF will obscure the LCD when the camera is held in position

3.  Do you want something discrete that you can use in the street or take to concerts/events without causing too much of a stir (or getting confiscated?).  Rangefinders achieve that objective, DSLRs don't...

4. If the drawing is accurate then it means that the two most recent E-mount body cameras (ignoring the 5T which wasn't really a new release) are of DSLR-format. By extrapolation this suggests that Sony might be looking at adopting this style for all future E-mount releases.  Not good if you bought into NEX because the cameras are rangefinder style

5. NEX was supposed to be about taking photography forward and not about being 'retro' (NEXt?).  Putting fake pentaprisms on E-mount cameras suggests a new philosophy which is counter to that which created the range and persuaded most current NEX owners to buy into it

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