Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

Keit ll wrote:

andyjayscott wrote:

I don't get m43 at all. I had a G3 for a few months and all that happened was I lost interest in photography.

Now I see the latest whizz bang Olympus body selling for more than a good Fuji with lens. It makes me laugh.

I presume you mean the new Olympus OMD -M1 ? The G3 is a different camera , to be fair not all m4/3 rds are the same.

Yeah, I'm sure it's a nice camera but the price makes me laugh. I waited a year before buying the X100 because the launch price made me laugh, too. It also took me a fair bit of time to get over myself at the hipster retro-ness of it, heh.

Anyhow, to the rest, I'm not sure what's complicated about me not getting any pics I like from the G3. It's a subjective opinion and it's true for me. G3 - barely any keepers and the ones I did keep are simply alright, X100 - I almost have to limit how many pics I take since they're almost all keepers.

All this really means is that I found a digicam which suits me. I'm not even that interested in any other Fuji gear, either. I'm sure they're all great but I have the camera which does what I want. I have to go back to around 1980 and film cameras to recall the last time I actually enjoyed photography enough to get me out of bed. I had an LX3 for a while which was fun, sort of, but was often pretty nasty in terms of clarity. I ended up using it only for distorted, blurred, over-processed, 'incorrect' art stuff, which, btw, I find the x100 also excels at.

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