On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

Started Oct 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Some related thoughts.

Z axis movement isn't a new idea... Contax did it with the AX is 1996 (I think that's the year at least). At the time they had to move a whole roll of film so moving a sensor seems minor in comparison (well not minor but it shows it wouldn't be impossible).

There are some shortcomings however as it only really works with wide angle and maybe normal lenses. Anything else needs the sensor to move too far (so it won't work with telephoto lenses) and it can't achieve focus for things like macro (look at an old MF lens (50mm(ish)) and look how far the front element moves to achieve MFD and add that to the depth of the camera).

It's a nice idea but it won't be a game changer and won't help Sony sell lenses.

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