Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

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Re: Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

RonFrank wrote:

There are some technical reasons why FF Might improve low light performance, but in a word NO that is not an advantage of FF. There are a few reasons why one may consider FF but by in large it is just a slightly larger sensor that will cost maybe $1000 more to own.

I am certain anyone purchasing a FF NEX will be back slapping themselves, but IMO it is a big waste of $$$ unless there are significant improvements to the build quality of the FF Nex. If the FF Nex has a seriously pro level build, alum substructure, fully sealed, ect, that maybe a reason to purchase a pro level FF Nex. If it is a Nex with a bigger sensor, same build quality as the current Nex6 than IMO that is not much of a reason to go bigger.

The Nex is a real nice sized package. Adding size to the sensor will make the package bigger. Kinda the wrong direction IMO. I have a Nikon DSLR which is a great, but a big package. Why do I want yet another lens footprint that results in a bigger overall package? Sony needs to improve PDAF. I see little advantage to a FF sensor if it cant track like a DSLR. I'm thinking of a Nikon 1!

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Then don't buy one, get a Nikon 1.

Seriously, the amount of light hitting the same area of 2 different sized sensors(APS-C & FF) will not change, but the noise levels in the FF sensor will likely be much less(2stops?) that's where the advantage will come from.

Oh and just try to buy an equivalent APS-C lens for a FF 24/1.4.

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