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Greg Lovern wrote:

Hi Greg,

I have the Pentax FA*80-200/2.8 and the power zoom does indeed work on the Pentax DSLR's. I don't use it though because it zaps the batteries too fast. I don't know what the other functions of the PZ switch is but they don't work whatever they are.

Thanks for the correction. I hadn't looked into it for ages so I refreshed my memory just now.

It's the erstwhile headline feature of Power Zoom, image tracking, that doesn't work on any DSLR. That was the feature in which it automatically zoomed in and out to keep a subject that was moving toward or away from the camera about the same size in the frame. That feature only works on certain film SLRs.

Another Power Zoom feature that doesn't work on DSLRs is automatically zooming steadily during an exposure, to easily create those sort of "bursting" effects.

I thought there was some other trivial feature too that only works on film SLRs, not on any DSLR.

If I understand correctly, not all DSLRs support Power Zoom. The flagship models starting with the K-10D support simple powered zooming, and automatically retracting to shortest length when powered down. The original *ist D, and the non-flagship models, do not have any support for Power Zoom at all.

Yes, only the DSLRs that support SDM will suport Power Zoom because the same two pins that are used for SDM are also used to power the zoom.

If only Pentax hadn't thrown all that time and money away on Power Zoom. A waste of resources, and it made the lenses bigger and heavier.


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