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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

I have a Sony A65 and a Pentax K5ii.

The thing people seem to notice is that the A65 is okay for noise up to ISO 1600. But the K5ii is okay for noise up to ISO 3200. Sounds like advantage Pentax. But if you own both you know the Pentax exposure time is always about twice as long as the Sony for the same ISO. So I find my Sony and Pentax the same for low light photos of my children. (I do not leave either camera on for long periods of time and that minimizes heat build up on the sensor)

I already have 24 MP on my A65. So Pentax finally getting 24 MP is no big deal.

On a normal day (not rainy) I will usually grab my A65 for family photos over my K5ii because the A65 it is so much lighter. The K3 is slightly heavier than the K5ii.

I am interested in the potentially improved AF of the K3. But so far I have not found situations where either my A65 or K5ii are failing to keep up with my kids or dogs. (My NEX7 does not keep up though)

My K5ii has the annoying thing that with lens corrections turned on, an hour glass appears on the display for several seconds after each shot. But the programmers were really clever and you can continue shooting anyway (I assume partially processed images are held in buffers while I shoot more photos.)

The A65 seems to perform lens correction much faster. (but maybe not -- maybe the Sony is just not showing an hourglass)

But after an HDR shot, the K5ii is takes a long time before you can take the next photo. A65 never seems to have a problem like that. So I am expecting the K3 to have much improved processing speed. But even then just to be drawing even to my A65.

K3 has microfocus adjust as does nearly every Pentax including my K5ii. My A65 does not have that. So far that has not been an issue with my Sony as my lenses do not seem to have any forward or back focus, but I have not been shooting fast primes.

Both my K5ii and A65 have IBIS systems that work very well.

Automatic white balance is different between the K5ii and A65. But niether is consistenty 'better" Sometimes the Sony is better, sometimes the Pentax

Coatings on Pentax lenses are noticably better.  Lens flare is less on my Pentax lenses than my Sony and Tamron for Sony  lenses.

So far I am not seeing a compelling reason to get the K3 over my K5ii or my A65.

So, overall, I am still waiting to see what else Pentax will announce soon (rumours say more announcements are coming this month)   And I am waiting for Sony announcements of an A77 sucessor.

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