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Stacking via Raw- Interval Method (check this out)

Stacking is one way to get better IQ from a small sensor. I believe the minimum amount of shots to see a major difference is 5 shots. When you are on vacation with a small camera and small tripod, you can get some really good landscapes out of a small sensor that may not perform all that well in DR or color depth with just one shot (see DXOmark for example).

The way to get better shots? Stack 5 or more. The way I like to do it with the GX100 is to use the interval timer to shoot a series of 5-8 shots, then stack them later in PS.

This works to increase DR, decrease noise, increase color depth. Here is an extreme example using ISO 1600 in dim light. The GX100 is NOT known for being a camera that was good to use at ISO 1600 however, with 5 shots stacked, suddenly, it becomes very useful.

Think of noise as the holes in a slice of swiss cheese. If you randomly stack 5 slices of swiss cheese pretty soon the gaps of data (or noise) start to disappear. Stack enough and they all disappear. Noise causes degradation and is the major contributor to reduced sensor scores in the three key areas I mentioned.

Take a look at the two images, which looks bettter to you? Suddenly there is detail where it was obliterated before. Think of how this helps even at ISO 100 in shadow areas especially!

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