Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

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Re: Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

There are some technical reasons why FF Might improve low light performance, but in a word NO that is not an advantage of FF.  There are a few reasons why one may consider FF but by in large it is just a slightly larger sensor that will cost maybe $1000 more to own.

I am certain anyone purchasing a FF NEX will be back slapping themselves, but IMO it is a big waste of $$$ unless there are significant improvements to the build quality of the FF Nex.  If the FF Nex has a seriously pro level build, alum substructure, fully sealed, ect, that maybe a reason to purchase a pro level FF Nex.  If it is a Nex with a bigger sensor, same build quality as the current Nex6 than IMO that is not much of a reason to go bigger.

The Nex is a real nice sized package. Adding size to the sensor will make the package bigger.  Kinda the wrong direction IMO.  I have a Nikon DSLR which is a great, but a big package.  Why do I want yet another lens footprint that results in a bigger overall package? Sony needs to improve PDAF. I see little advantage to a FF sensor if it cant track like a DSLR.   I'm thinking of a Nikon 1!

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