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Re: Hmmm.... these too :-)

Really??? After ALL THIS TIME Pentax is FINALLY going to come out with its OWN 70-200 F2.8 Lens?!?!? Since I haven't been "in the loop" between about 1997 to 2011, I don't know if Pentax had one (or more) F2.8 70-200 lenses during that period and discontinued them, but to the best of my knowledge they didn't, which, I believe, would make this THE FIRST-EVER Pentax 70-200 F2.8 lens.

I'm also guessing (just guessing) that assuming Ricoh has decided to KEEP the DA* line, this lens would be in that class. Whatever the case, I can't wait to see, although I've pretty much decided that until and unless I either have much more disposable income, sell some of my current lenses for a decent price, or start making some money from photography and can justify the expense that way, an F2.8 70-200 (or, for that matter, the DA* F4 60-250), is just a bit of an extravagance. As I already have an excellent F2.8 100mm lens (the WR macro), an older FA 2.8 135mm I bought in the mid-90s to use with my PZ1 that's also always been "tack sharp," and now, even the Sigma F3.5 180mm Macro (plus the DA* 16-50 F2.8), even though I don't come CLOSE to having the convenience of a 70-200 FAST lens, I have the rough capabilities of many of the intermediate focal distances at F2.8, or very close to it.

And as I also have two lenses that cover that range and more -- albeit at slower apertures (the F4-5.8 55-300 and the newer Sigma F3.5-6.3 18-250), I just DON'T see adding a 70-200 as being "in the cards" at this point. But if a great one comes out, MAN I might be DROOLING at the thought, lol.


On a related note, when Popular Photography reviewed Sigma's NEW ($3,500) version of their F2.8 120-300 lens in the October 2013 issue, they ended the article by saying that the OLDER version is now available, while supplies last (same aperture) at $2,500, with a comment something like, "So Pentax and Sony shooters, SNAP ONE UP, because the new one isn't available in your mount." WELL, if those folks paid attention to what they're doing, they'd know the OLD one wasn't available in the Pentax or Sony mount, EITHER! HOWEVER, I was perusing the Sigma website recently and found a page where they said that you can send certain select lenses back to them to have them retro-fitted to whatever mount you use. From what I saw on the website, that service is available with only a handful of their lenses, and the price seems to vary based on the size and/or cost of the lens, with the 120-300 being one of them. I believe the cost for this lens is about $250 to have the mount changed, and of course they clean, re-calibrate, whatever... But you have to pay freight and insurance to ship it back TO THE FACTORY IN JAPAN. That may be worth if if someone REALLY WANTS that lens in a Pentax mount. Then again, aren't there mount converters for Nikon mounts that will work on Pentax cameras? My math tells me you'd end up spending $2,500 for the older lens, plus another $250 + whatever freight and insurance to Japan is, for the retrofit... so still probably well less than $3,000, when the new lens that also isn't available in Pentax mount is $3,500. Of course if the new one is worth the extra $$$, one could do the same with it, I guess. It all comes down to what you need and want, and what you can afford.


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