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Pulled the trigger - 1670Z

Ok for all of those who have accused me of having an “agenda” or insist that I am demanding “prime lens quality” whatever else regarding this lens… I don’t really care. For anyone else, here comes a probably really boring rant - feel free to simply ignore it and move along to something more interesting.

I actually preordered this lens w/in 5 minutes of it being available for preorder, but cancelled when I started seeing images people were posting prior to it being shipped. The images just weren't that convincing overall - better than the kits, but come on - this is a $1000 lens. I have since had this lens in my “cart” from 2 or 3 different vendors over the past few weeks, but have always pulled back before buying. I have gone ahead and bought it. No turning back. What the heck, you only live once. Except for Hindus, of course.

I am still not convinced of it’s ultimate value, and I have serious concerns about the QC in the manufacturing of this lens. Serious concerns, for a $1000 lens. It is slightly bigger than I would prefer; I think size-wise, it is really pressing the limits of what I think is the “NEX aesthetic” of small, compact and good to great image quality, at least for a normal “walkaround” type of lens. But it isn't ridiculously large and if it has really high IQ it would be a more than acceptable trade-off. Personally I think it should be priced closer to $700 - $800, but I will reserve final judgment on that until such time that I have my copy in hand.

The images I have seen thus far - IMO - great colors, great contrast, no doubt about it. Center sharpness is actually incredible in many of the images I am seeing, so-so in others. Out of focus areas are generally very pleasing. Up in the air (to me) is the edge sharpness and QC. Better than the kits in almost every way, but in some instances, not “slap you in the face” better.

Speaking of the kits - I still think the 1650PZ and the 1855 each are able to approach the 1670Z in many respects. From what I am seeing, in my opinion they have at least 80% of the IQ of the 1670Z. They are - again, IMO - noticeably softer throughout the image though, and of course lack the wider zoom range. Their build quality is nothing to write home about, but they are certainly adequate for a consumer lens. For many many many NEX users, the kits are the clear value choice. They - especially the 1650PZ - fit well in the “compact, good IQ” aesthetic, IMO. They do, however, lag behind the the Fuji XF lenses and I think that is a huge shame because I really like the NEX cameras.

Then there is the wild card that is the 18105G which is coming out in December. Cheaper, larger zoom range, and much larger overall. My prediction is that it will be similar to the kits in IQ, but with a greater range (obviously); it appears to be really geared toward videographers, and the size is really off-putting for the NEX system, IMO. No worse than the 18200s but, those were never my cup of tea either. Even the 55-210, a decent lens and fills a need, is too large for my taste. But the price is right and the focal range is very reasonable. If the 18105G turns out to have significantly superior IQ than the kits, then it may be the preferred option for most people vs. the 1670Z.

A tangential, and hopefully unfounded, concern I have is that this may be the last really decent APS-C lens that we get for awhile for the E mount (along with the as-yet-unknown entity that is the 18105G) because I think that Sony is really focusing on the FF cameras for the time being. I am not sure we are going to see much more to choose from regarding “relatively affordable” native E mount lenses for awhile. That said, if my copy 1670Z turns out to be capable of what I think (hope?) it is, then it will really complete my stable of lenses, along with the 35F18, the 20F28, and the 1018.

Anyway there are some of my random thoughts about this. If you read all that, thanks for listening.

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*Disclaimer: the above post is just my opinion. No offense was intended. Please don't freak out - I'm just some random dude on the internet.*

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