Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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There is fallacy in the logic that Malls or business are private properties, so the owners are allowed to do anything they want. That is the typical logic that if you own it, there should be no law that restrict what you can do.

There are different types of ownership. General properties like your house or cars or camera where everyone owns them, each person can do whatever they want in their house. Malls are not like house or cars. It is a limited resource to be shared by the community. Many towns have only one mall. All the people in the town go there to do business and support the mall. It does not make sense for everyone in a town to own a mall. There is simply not enough resource to allow for that. With that said, the person who happen to own the mall cannot just start creating rule. He/she cannot say only people with Nikons can come to the mall because there is a Nikon outlet there. The mall is treated like a public / private property. It falls in the region of both being a public property and private property. Because everyone need to use the mall, rules need to accommodate everyone. Example is owner of the mall need to install handicap access. They cannot simply say those customers can go elsewhere.

This pure theory of you can do whatever you want with your business gets more restricted the larger the business is, and the more impact the business has on a community. Now is a limited resource that needs to be shared in the community.

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