New lens patents ??

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Re: Hmmm.... these too :-)

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Asahi Man,

Thx, very interesting........

The 16-70/4 could replace both the 16-45/4 and the 17-70/4 for APSC DSLRs

The 70-200 looks like a FL range that is typically FF.

And the mirror-less zoom patents - well, the timing looks like they may have been related to the K01. We presently have no idea whether Pentax will have another try at the APSC mirror-less genre. Asahi Man, would you be able to cast any light on whether that is likely to happen?

Thanks, Rod

International patents of DA200+DA300 are for 35mm lenses,same game with the 2,8 70-200 versions.

Also Pentax owns a couple of MFT patents.

It means,Pentax does the same like Sigma....

The Olympus 1,8 75 MFT is made by Sigma,Sigma patent...

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