Restore using Carbon Copy Cloner

Started Oct 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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MikeFromMesa Senior Member • Posts: 2,849
Restore using Carbon Copy Cloner

I have been experimenting with Boot Camp and something has screwed up my ability to use Parallels. I am assuming the Windows partition may have destroyed the area Parallels was using but, in any case, I can no longer use Parallels.

Fortunately (I think) I made a backup of my disc space (well, my ssd space) with Carbon Copy Cloner and am ready to go back to my pre-partition configuration. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to figure out how to do that. I also have TM backups up until just before the Boot Camp installation and partition, but I address that in question (4) below.

When I boot from the CCC backup disc and start CCC I am given a choice of things to do. The only choices I seem to have end up restoring files from the backup rather than restoring a disc image. So, here are some questions someone, hopefully, can answer.

1) I did a clone of the disc before I installed Boot Camp and thus before my ssd was partitioned for Windows. Is there some way to get CCC to restore my system to that state without my manually destroying/resizing the Windows partition? If so, how?

2) If I manually resize the Windows partition only back to 0 (or something like that) I assume the Disk Utility will automatically add that back to my OS X partition. Is that correct? If not, how do I remove the Windows partition and get the space back to OS X without destroying all of the information on that partition?

3) If I cannot do step 2 is there any reason I cannot boot from the CCC backup, re-partition the ssd to contain only a single partition and then restore from the CCC backup? Will that work? Or do I need to restore from the recovery partition and then rebuild my system?

4) If none of that will work is there any reason I could not boot from the CCC backup, re-partition my ssd to a single partition and then use Time Machine to restore from the backups? As I mentioned I have continuous TM backups up until just before I added the Windows partition (when I shut TM down).

I am used to doing all of this on Windows (where I used Acronis backup/restore software) and know all about recovering files/images from the backup, but I know nothing about how to do this with either CCC or Time Machine. Any help would be appreciated.


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